Some Air Pods Users Facing Battery Drain Issues With Charging Case

After the air pods launched on line after which arrived at the first set of clients in advance in December, some users have all started knowing that the charging case that incorporates the headphones is not conserving apple’s advertised 24 hours of charge. In an idea, the charging case ought to handiest lose noticeable amounts of charge while the air pods are low on battery and recharging inside the case, and while users turn the pack open to testing battery stages or otherwise activate Bluetooth with a related apple tool.

The unlucky set of customers going through the battery problems, but, are noticing that the air pods case drains through upwards of 40 percentage in mere hours, with the air pods at 100 percentage inside and minimal Bluetooth activation.

While some feared that is simply the manner apple intended the headphones and partner charging case to paintings, redditor severinskulls have published approximately his revel in with the hassle, and the replacement air pods he was given that don’t have an obvious defective charging case. in maximum instances, the air pods themselves are not going through any shortened battery lifestyles issues.

The old AirPods Charging Case:

I was having the exact same issue you had. Airpods in case, go to bed with full charge and waking up with 15%-20% of the case charge gone. Thats a full charge cycle for the airpods themselves!

I spoke to apple support online. They had no answer how long the charge of the case should last when the airpods are not in use. They made an appointment for me instore as all diagnostics at the moment are being handled instore they said. Cut to this morning, go in for my appointment. The genius was very friendly. I was his first airpods case. Turns out he also has no info on whether this rate of the battery draining is normal. He said that definitely they are designed to lose charge over time as cycling the charge improves the health of the airpod batteries. However as I pointed out, going from a full charge to empty in two days while they are sitting there unused seems way too fast. To be safe, he placed my airpods. So i got a brand new pair.

The new AirPods Charging Case:

Sooooo I just checked. Airpods and case were 100% at 9pm last night. Checked just now at 9am the next morning and they are STILL at 100%, both the pods and the case. I had bluetooth on my phone on all night too. With the other pair in the same situation, I would have lost 14-20% charge by now.

So there we go, case closed (pun?), there is a battery life problem suffered by the airpods. I’m going to write back feedback to apple now. You should get your airpods replaced because they shouldnt lose as much charge as what youre experiencing.

when the airpods first got here out, the initial impressions of the battery existence for each the headphones and the charging case had been average superb. a handful of macrumors discussion board individuals have been fans of the fast rate rate of the airpods, the granular settings of the ios battery widget, and the battery existence of the charging case as well. mentions of battery drainage issues with the airpods case commenced about per week in the past, across the time the primary clients were the use of the headphones for some days.

in a teardown final week via ifixit, it become theorized that the charging case turned into the cause of the airpods’ put off from october to december. the foundation of the hassle turned into a few empty areas determined within the solder joints of the case’s chip. that is referred to as “voiding,” which ifixit stated “could be proof of low exceptional standards, or a rushed product launch.

the exact scope of the affected AirPods user base is unclear. Some users are theorizing that the problem could be an initial charge cycle hiccup that irons itself out over time, but some that have had the AirPods since day one are still posting about battery drainage with the charging case today. On the other hand, there are many other users who have reported normal experiences with the case and its advertised 24 hours of battery life. Apple hasn’t commented on any of the reports.




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