Apple again said to remove Home button with iPhone coming in 2017

By the means of a similar report from the WSJ earlier this summer, recently a report from Bloomberg today, briefly describes  that the iPhone introduced in 2017 will not feature the iconic Home button that has been present from the start. The Bloomberg piece mainly focused more on an iPhone for Japan with support for FeliCa paymentsApple is already at work on a major redesign of the iPhone for 2017 that focuses more heavily on the display by removing the Home button, according to a person familiar with the matter.

“Apple is already working on a major project of a redesign of the iPhone for 2017 that particularly focuses on the display by removing the Home button”,  according to a person familiar with the matter.

A WSJ piece earlier this year went into more details concerning the 2017 iPhone, which shows  that Apple wants to create a device that has a single piece of glass on the front. Patently, the Home button would prevent Apple from achieving  that goal. Few days ago, a pair of reports claimed that Foxconn is developing the fully glassed casing for an upcoming iPhone. KGI has also told about the Apple’s 2017 iPhone plans, which shows  that the company is working towards an all-glass design similar to that of the iPhone 4.

It’s still unclear that how Apple will handle the lack of a Home button, but the functionality is likely to be implemented into the home screen in one way or another.

The iPhone 7 which was introduced later this year is said to feature a design similar to that of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s, but will drain the 3.5mm headphone jack, remodel the antenna lines, and will also improve the camera.

The iPhone 7 introduced later this year is also said to exclude the traditional moving Home button and replacing it with a Force Touch-like button. Basically, this means that the button won’t actually move. Instead, a tactic feedback will be provided to give the feeling of an actual touch, much like the trackpad on recent MacBooks

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