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Apple has plans to deliver data by itself to its iPhones bypassing carriers



Apple iPhones

One of the most basic things that we have understood from the smartphone industry is that you need a SIM card from carriers so that your phone can get data, cellular towers and you can get SMS and other services. However, we are seeing a new report which will change the game on its head. Because Apple is reportedly planning to bypass carriers and they are said to deliver data to iPhones. How this will work is that Apple will directly send content on your iPad, iPhone or other devices through satellite and won’t rely on carriers to do the same.

As per Bloomberg, a secret team at Apple is working on the technology where they can beam data to devices. Within five years, Apple is hoping that its initiative becomes successful and that means the company is also hiring for the same. However, the work has already been started but people still say that the work is in the early stage and might get abandoned in between. Also, Apple CEO Tim Cook has shown interest in this project and that it is a company priority right now.

While the basic idea is that Apple could be looking to send data directly to devices, it could also be that Apple could also be exploring satellites for more precise location tracking for its devices, enabling improved maps and new features. We also don’t know if Apple is going to make its own satellite which is unlikely or use the equipment on the ground to send data obtained by a satellite. It is also found out that Apple’s move in this sector could finally become the dream that Steve Jobs had once hoped for which is to eradicate carriers and deliver directly to them from the company. In 2016, Tim Cook said that his company did not have expertise on the network level but it looks like they finally have the same.

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