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Apple’s iPhone is the world’s most valuable smartphone brand; it is used be millions of people across all over the world. In US iPhone holds largest share of smartphone market, 45.6%. Here are some of the most useful iPhone apps you can download now for free.


What level of driving are you on, this app is for you. It can measure your driving speed, it can find short routes and distances, ultimately saving your time. It is more than just tracking traffic, it also notify you to construction, accidents and even police ahead on your way.


Inbox by Gmail

This app gives you a control of your gmail account. It makes checking emails easy by organizing your mailbox based on the types of mails you receive. You can view details like pictures, reservations, contacts without even opening a message.



Cash is an app that quickly shares money between friends, without of any cost and even between different banks. It requires users sign up and connect their debit card, afterwards you can pay others with few clicks on your phone. In some cases money transfers easily or take 1 to 2 business days otherwise.


Photoshop Fix

You don’t need to access your computer to get Photoshop, if you have an iPhone. You can use most of the Photoshop’s features on your phone, you can save your photos after editing and can transfer to your computer for further editing.



Save some time for yourself, go and download Uber. It is operating in major cities across all over the world. Uber taxi will come and pick you up wherever and whenever you need them often in less cash than traditional taxis.



Apple, with iOS 8, finally decided to install third-party keyboards on your iPhone and Swiftkey is one of the best options. This keyboard will enable you to type faster and quicker.



It is a virtual notebook and a perfect tool to record your thoughts. You can make notes, save images and articles, and upload articles form physical books, sound tracks can be added.



This app allows you to livestream events, or whatever else you want to broadcast. You can follow your friends to see their broadcasts as well. While watching livestream you can add comments and ask questions, videos can be saved so they can be viewed late on.



This app takes photos and videos to edit them by using artificial intelligence, it has many built-in effects and a music library. It makes an editing lot more easier and takes seconds to edit videos. Finished work can be shared on Facebook, Instagram and other online platforms.



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