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China Hosts Joint Sino-Pak Sea Guardians 2022 Naval Exercise



A bilateral exercise called Sea Guardians 2022 was held between the Pakistan Navy and China’s People’s Liberation Army Navy in Shanghai, China, according to a statement issued on Friday.

The spokesperson of the Pakistan Navy stated that its newest addition — the Pakistan Navy Ship (PNS) Taimur — was a part of the exercise alongside the Chinese Navy’s aircraft, ships, and submarines.

The exercise was conducted to further cooperation and share expertise in dealing with maritime threats. The spokesperson explained that such exercise will also facilitate a safe and stable maritime environment in the region.

Both navies performed on-shore activities that included operation planning and an exchange of professional expertise.

Chinese media reported that the second phase of the exercise involved tactical maneuvering, joint strikes against maritime targets, joint anti-submarine warfare, and joint support for damaged vessels,

This was the second exercise of the ‘Sea Guardians’ series after the first one in January 2020 in the northern Arabian Sea off the coast of Karachi.