Download Super Mario Run for iPhone and iPad now!

After lots of waiting and 14 days of solid hype, Finally Super Mario Run is live on the App Store. The side scrolling, an automatic runner is available over 150 countries today. So if you’ve been looking forward to mucking around with your favorite childhood plumber, now’s your chance.

How To Download Super Mario Run

The app is now live on the App Store. Visit this link on your iPhone or iPad or just search for Super Mario Run. Tap the “Get” button to start downloading the game. It is available in 150 countries.

The game is free to download but it’s locked to limited access for all three modes. If you want to get unlimited access to Super Mario Run, you’ll have to pay $9.99 to unlock everything. But this is Mario of course, and Nintendo has done a great job at its first mobile game. When George did the hands-on testing, he was beyond impressed.

Super Mario Run For Devices

Super Mario Runs supports 64-bit devices so anything above iPhone 5 will support the game.

What is Super Mario Run and How to Play

Super Mario Run is a mobile reimagining of the console classic. This game can be played quite easily you can play the game with one hand and with just one finger. Mario runs in one direction, automatically. You just tap to make him jump. Tap and hold to make him jump higher.In this game, you have to tackle with the usual thing of collecting points and power-ups. In this game, you will come across 5 special coins as well – pink coins – they give you extra points.

The main story is the World Tour mode. It’s built up of 24 levels and 6 worlds. There’s a multiplayer mode called Toad Rally and there’s also the Mushroom Kingdom like mode where you create your own kingdom using the points you made from Toad Rall.That makes Super Mario Run an awesome game.

Download: Super Mario

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