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Facebook is looking to build its own OS to replace Android




You must be having a smartphone right now in your hands and it might be running either Android or iOS. If you are using iOS, it has to be an Apple device but if you are using Android, it can be any of the hundreds of OEMs that are building their smartphones based on Android. Now, this is the advantage of using Android which is that anyone can build on it and use it since Android is an open-source operating system because it is based on Linux. As far as Android is concerned, you might not be aware but Facebook is also using Android.

No, this is not via the Facebook smartphone because there is none of that. Instead, Facebook also makes devices apart from its websites and apps and these devices are in the Portal and Oculus lineup. While the Portal lineup is similar to Google’s Nest Hub devices, Oculus is a completely different category of VR headsets. Inside these devices, Facebook is running its own custom version of Android which means they are also relying on Google. However, Facebook says that they don’t want to rely on anyone and we now have reports revealing that Facebook is building its own operating system.

As far as this report from TheInformation is concerned, they are aware that the company is working on the project and that they have hired Mark Lucovsky, a veteran of Microsoft where he has co-authored the Windows NT operating system. Windows NT is also the base on which Windows 10 runs at present so Mark has been instrumental in what we know is the present version of Windows. This definitely means that Facebook could use his expertise to build what they believe is essential to go away from Android. A Facebook spokesperson also revealed that “We don’t think we can trust the marketplace or competitors to ensure that’s the case. And so we’re gonna do it ourselves.”

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