This genius iPhone 7 case would give you back the headphone jack Apple removed


Apple may have killed the headphone jack in the iPhone 7, but a new, sleek case is trying to bring it back.

What human beings placed into their very own ear holes is a totally private desire, and it is a choice we need to all get the risk to make — not one that has to be made for us,” Diego Prince, a hardware developer from Austin, Texas, said in a video pronouncing the cases, which could be made for iPhone 7 and seven Plus.

Prince and his co-founder Troy Osinoff just released an Indiegogo marketing campaign, announcing they plan to ship in December if the campaign reaches its intention. “Early bird” backers can reserve one case for $forty-nine plus shipping.

consistent with the campaign site, the Fuze takes the adapter dongle that Apple included with the iPhone 7 and builds it directly into the case, restoring the three.5 mm headphone jack. It additionally has a prolonged battery p.c. and, as maximum instances must, protects the smartphone from harm if it is dropped.

The battery pack would provide about extra eight hours of power, according to Prince.

The idea for the case is already getting plenty of positive feedback on Product Hunt, a site frequented by techies looking for the latest gadgets and software.

Prince is trying to raise $60,000 in the next month for Fuze, which he says will be spent on prototyping, testing, and shipping, with the goal of getting it to backers around Christmastime. But as with any crowdfunding effort, there are risks involved — namely that Fuze wouldn’t ship by its expected date, or at all.

Still, it’s an interesting concept that frustrated Apple fans may get behind.

“We do have an incredibly tight deadline,” Prince told Business Insider, though he said he is confident that he can deliver the cases on schedule.


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