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Horizon Zero Dawn to be launched Music in the Next Batman Arkham Game



It has been a talk of a town and rumored that Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassins Creed Odyssey is going to play music for Batman Arkham series, yet to be launched.  The same combo of these two have already been created background music for games related to open-world.

One of the members of Reverse-Flash 2024 spotted on Instagram, WB games teasers airing across the globe playing the back ground music created by Horizon Zero Dawn and Assassins Creed Odyssey. Amazingly, the posts related to gaming contains the posts related to the music created by Horizon and Assassins. None other music has been heard so far which is created by any other music band.

Apparently, rumors have confirmed that the name will not be awarding a name Batman Arkham and also the game will be a next generation game. It seems that this is not going to be a sequel of Batman Arkham Knight rather a reboot of the whole game. The game will apparently be introducing Batman along with his important allies which will be playing as characters in the game.

So far, it seems that Flight has been creating the music for the upcoming gaming sequel or a whole new game without prior announcement of the background music to be launched. No matter how amazing Horizon and Assassins’ music are but Flight has always been a very good option when it comes to under-world gaming.

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