How To Send Stickers in Messages App in iOS 10


With iOS 10, Apple has remodel the digital stickers industry. All the other apps just  let you tap an image to send it and they call them Stickers. But in case of Apple  it not so. Apple has created something new that you can “peel” and “paste” anywhere in the conversation.

How To Download Sticker Packs

Firslty If we want to use Sticker in the chat then all we have to do is to download the Stickers packs.And Sticker comes in the form of applications . Not the kind of apps that show up on the Home screen though.

To download Stickers pack you’ll need to search for stickers on the App Store. Once you find one (Sticker apps will say “Offers Messages app” below the icon), tap on “Get” and download the app. Once the Sticker pack app is  downloaded, the button will change to a non-tappable text that says “Installed”.


How To Use Stickers

Once a sticker pack in installed, you can use  it by tapping the App Store icon.

You’ll see panes here. You can swipe right to get to the next app (sticker pack). The name of the app will be shown in the bottom.

If you want to share sticker, just tap on it and it will be shared in the conversation.



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