Installing OS X: What to do when “this copy of the install OS X application cannot be verified”

If you facing problem while looking to deploy a fresh working Operating System, it might be a trouble with the date and time.


How to tackle the problem

The installer assessments the date on the laptop. If the date isn’t current, you get the mistake above. The fix entails correcting the date on your mac.

If you are using older OS on Mac

When you have an entire os on the mac already, boot into it. Repair the date within the date & time device choice (apple menu > system alternatives). Reboot the usage of the USB boot disk, and also you must be able to continue with the setup.

If you are running Mac without OS

If you are in a situation you don’t have a whole os to your disk (you reformatted it), you’ll locate that there’s no way to access the date & time system preference when you operate an outside USB boot installer power. The apple menu doesn’t come up with access to gadget choices. You need to use the terminal to set the date and time.


In case you use an external boot disk, your mac begins up into os x disk utilities. You can get admission to the terminal by using clicking on the utility menu and selecting terminal. As soon as the terminal has released, comply with these steps.

1.On the spark off, type date to peer the date that’s on the mac. For example, here’s the date of the MacBook air I labored on.


If your mac is hooked up to the net, you can tell your mac to check online for the modern date and time. You could do that with the aid of typing on the activate update -u time.Apple.Com after which urgent return.


Your mac has to now have the cutting-edge date and time. If you enter date once more (as I did in the screenshot above) the statistics that looks may be cutting-edge. You could now run the os installer.

If you are not connected to the internet

You can still use Terminal to set the date. Go into the Terminal as screenshot shows  above, then follow these steps.

    1. At the prompt, type date to see the date that’s on the Mac.

    2. Figure out the numerical representation of the date and time.You need to follow the following patteren

  • Month: in two-digit format. like, July is 07.
  • Day:in two-digit format. like, the 7th is 07.
  • Time: in the military format of hours and minutes. Like, 2:00 p.m. is 1400.
  • Year:Last two digits.
  1. At the prompt, type date [numerical], with [numerical] being the representation you figured out. In my example, I typed date 0719140016. Then press Return


The date must be set. You may test the date once more by way of typing date on the activate. You could now run the installer.


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