iOS 10: How to Disable (Some) Haptic Feedback on iPhone 7

iPhone 7 includes more haptic feedback than previous iPhones. Three-D contact and the new home Button, as an instance, each offers vibrations that provide you with the feeling of urgent a button. Spinning a wheel-primarily based more select (time, date, and others) additionally offers you a click-like feeling, and developers are capable of adding custom haptic feedback to their apps. you may flip some of those vibrations off. Here’s how

What You Can Turn Off

The call of the putting, Settings > Sounds & Haptics > gadget Haptics makes it appear like you could turn off haptic comments machine-extensive. That’s not the case. It turns off some system remarks, like the above-stated spinning wheels or any buttons with remarks. However, it leaves haptic comments for 3-D touch and the house Button turned on.

As of this writing, there’s no manner to turn the one’s outcomes off.

Sounds & Haptics

To turn off that subset of haptic feedback you can affect, go to Settings > Sounds & Haptics.



Tap Sounds & Haptics, and scroll all the way to the bottom



Toggle that off, and ignore the haptic feedback you get when you do it. Once you leave the Settings app, you’ll button and wheels won’t vibrate. You will, However, continue to get keyboard clicks, which is a separate control.


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