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MacBook Pro 2020 vs Forerunners



It has been rumored by benchmark leaks presenting 30% lead in GPU. The previous year 2019 has been of a great importance for Apple and the busiest one as well because Apple has remained busy in formatting, updating and tweaking in the previous models. Apple’s demand and decline in her revenue is the main purpose of sparing time to focus upon the grey areas. In Macbook series, iPod, iPad and iPhones has been upgraded vigorously during 2019. Macbook pro has not only introduced new features but has also upgraded with the eighth generation processor. Macbook has also been introduced with the new version along with 16 inch Macbook pro.

The newest version has upgraded new design language by making certain changes and variations in the Touch bar control strip. It has been apprehended that Apple might be upgrading and introduced new versions of Macbook Pro 13 followed by 10nm processor along with second generation Intel. Apparently, it seems as Apple will remain busy this year too.

However, in today’s benchmark leaks seemingly the notebook with 13 inch of 10th generation Intel processor with Ice Lake core i7-1068G7 one while drawing the comparison of 2019 13 inch pro with that of eight generation Intel core i5-8279U.  The leaks are speculations which are apprehended by the twitter geek named as _rogame; he has always been updated with all the Apple’s activities and launches. That is why _rogame is the reliable source when it comes to Apple and the news related to Apple.