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American Maggie Steffens sets Olympic water polo scoring record



Maggie Steffens entered the record books during USA Water Polo’s win over the Russian Olympic Committee on Friday. Steffens scored four goals during the 18-5 victory, becoming the all-time point scorer at the Olympics.

Maggie Steffens entered the contest just two goals away from the record. She scored two goals in the first half, tying the record before halftime.

It didn’t take Steffens long to break that record. She picked up her third goal in the second half, giving her a record 48 points at the Olympics.

Maggie Steffens later added to her record, scoring her fourth goal of the match and increasing her record to 49 points.

Maggie Steffens should have more chances to add to her record. Friday’s win was in the preliminary round, where Team USA has gone 3-1. The Americans’ only loss came against Hungary, their first loss at the Olympics since 2008.

Maggie Steffens wasn’t aware of record while training

Steffens, who is Team USA’s captain, said in July she didn’t realize she was approaching the Olympic all-time scoring record. Steffens told Sports Illustrated she was only aware of the record after doing interviews.

She downplayed the accomplishment, saying it was more important to win games for Team USA.

I had no idea about that, to be honest, until another interview. So that probably shows you where my mind is. But yeah, I mean, my goal at the Olympics is to be the best I can be for my teammates. And hopefully help our team achieve our goal, which is being at the top of that podium. And if a byproduct of that is somehow getting to the top of that list, awesome. If it’s not, cool. You know? That’s not why I go to the Olympics. So it doesn’t really cross my mind, but yeah I guess it would be a cool byproduct for sure.”

Maggie Steffens has been a member of Team USA since 2012 and helped lead them to two consecutive gold medals at the Olympics.

Maggie Steffens broke the all-time women’s water polo scoring record at the Olympics

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