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Microsoft claims its Xbox Series X is more powerful than PS5



Xbox Series X

Microsoft is one of the first companies to have revealed their next gaming console already. However, we know that the console will be available exactly 12 months after the reveal which is in the holiday season of 2020. At the moment, we don’t know what the price of Xbox Series X will be and also don’t have any way to test out the claimed performance of Series X. Therefore, we will have to go with what Microsoft claims at the moment. And according to the latest statement from Microsoft, their gaming console which is the Xbox Series X will be powerful than Sony’s upcoming PS5.

The Xbox Series X looks like a gaming PC since it has a taller design this time rather than a flatter one. Also, it is plenty powerful since they are claiming it to be 2x more powerful than the Xbox One X. It is also said to have the fastest SSD in the market along with features such as 8K gaming, ray tracing and other power user facilities. Now, the company also claims that the PS5 will not be as powerful as their Series X which we will get to see next year whenever Sony decides to reveal their console.

At the moment, it also seems like Microsoft knows exactly what Sony will be coming up with their PS5. Microsoft Xbox’s Phil Spencer says that “Our goal has always been to build the most powerful console we can, and I think we’re there. We like leading in power and performance and I feel like we’re going to be there again,”. Sony has also claimed that their gaming console will be powerful and support many of the features like the Xbox Series X. However, everything will depend on how Sony places its PS5 in the market and also the price at which it is launched which will determine the console’s sales.

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