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OnePlus could return to the mid-range segment with its ‘OnePlus 8 Lite’



OnePlus 8 Lite

In recent days, we have seen a trend developing in the industry which might prove to be decisive for smartphones releasing in 2020. No, we are not talking about foldable smartphones or punch-hole cameras or anything of that sort. Instead, we are talking about the trend of releasing ‘Lite’ smartphones of their flagship smartphones. This is because of the reports seen in the past few days regarding Samsung releasing its Galaxy S11 Lite as well as the Galaxy Note 10 Lite. Now, we have another report regarding OnePlus where the company is looking to release a OnePlus 8 Lite.

Now, this will not be the first time that OnePlus is entering the mid-range segment since we already had the OnePlus X which failed in the markets. However, OnePlus hopes that its brand value, as well as performance, will drive sales for the OnePlus 8 Lite. At the moment, we don’t know anything about the OnePlus 8 Lite apart from the fact that it will be a mid-ranger. So far, we know as per the report from 91Mobiles that the smartphone will have a 6.4 or 6.5-inch screen which might have an LCD display since it will be priced in the mid-range segment. However, OnePlus might retain the AMOLED display on this device to increase sales while cutting down on other areas.

One of the major areas where OnePlus might cut down is the processor which might well be a Snapdragon 600-series’ latest processor if not a Snapdragon 700-series one. Other than that, we have no information regarding the OnePlus 8 Lite at the moment. Also, the RAM could be decreased on the OnePlus 8 Lite to only 4/6 GB instead of the 8GB that we see as standard for OnePlus phones. Also, there will be only two cameras at the back of OnePlus 8 Lite which is the first time OnePlus will have two cameras on its device after the OnePlus 7.

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