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Realme 5G X50 Pro Expected to be around Indian 50,000:



Realme has announced already the launch of Realme X50 Pro and its specification price is yet to be declared. It has been rumored that the phone which is going to be launched on various events in Spain, New Delhi in India and Madrid. The price is still not confirmed by the company itself but in one of the reports by Press Trust of India (PTI)  officially that Realme X50 5G Pro will costs around 50,000 INR which is around 700$ as per current exchange rates.

Realme is famous for its stringent policies towards pricing its product. This price range might be surprising for many but this X50 edition is comprising of 865 SoC Snapdragon with Snapdragon 5G X55 modem. On the other hand, it is still ambiguous that whether this is the price range of 12GB or 265GB. Comparatively Realme’s first phone comprises of 27,999 INR while this price gap must contains perks worth paying for.

Press Trust of India further stated that, referring to an unknown website, the next entry of the Realme might costs around 25,790 INR having been compatible with 5G along with a bit lower chipset version. X50 5G is the only another smart phone a Realme have with a lower chipset tier SoC, presently launched and sold in China costing around CNY 2,499.

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