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Samsung will reportedly have a 108MP sensor, 5x telephoto lens on Galaxy S11



Samsung Galaxy S11 series

Samsung has been working on its latest flagship smartphones from quite some time now. This is because the last smartphone released from Samsung was the Galaxy Note 10 series. While Samsung did release the Galaxy Fold, it was already announced and released before being recalled and then being released again. What we are trying to say is that the company has been working for a long time on its latest Galaxy S11 series. The launch of Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series is also expected to take place in the month of February next year so we have just two months before we can see the phones in action.

However, the world of technology is full of leaks and we have seen most of what is to come from the Galaxy S11 series. This is in terms of its design which is expected to be even controversial than the iPhone 11 Pro. But the good thing about Samsung’s Galaxy S11 series is that it will be packed with cameras. We will see up to five rear cameras on this device where one of them will be a 108Mp sensor whereas a 5x telephoto lens is also expected to be included on the device.

The latest report regarding Samsung Galaxy S11 series from Bloomberg tells us that Samsung is committed to making the cameras on its device better and compete with Apple in the imaging department once again. We know that the iPhone 11 Pro has the best camera of this year which even beats the Pixel 4 cameras from Google. This shows that Apple has come a long way in improving their cameras and the results are there for everyone to see. But it is also debatable whether the megapixel count of any camera on a smartphone improves the picture quality or it is just for the sake of numbers. To get the answer to this, we will have to see the Samsung Galaxy S11’s camera performance.

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