Synaptics Announces All-In-One Fingerprint and Facial Recognition System for Mobile Devices

In advance of CES 2017, Synaptics these days announced a brand new multi-component biometric engine to be used in smartphones, drugs, and notebook desktops. The new platform, made in partnership with facial popularity organisation keylemon, incorporates both fingerprint and facial popularity, allowing a cellular tool to be unlocked in a couple of methods depending on what’s maximum handy for the user.

The machine also affords extra security for economic transactions and the unlocking of other touchy facts, as two modes of authentication may be required.

The Synaptics multi-factor fusion engine combines authentication scores from multiple biometrics to determine verification. This increases overall system security as both fingerprint and facial factors have to meet minimum threshold requirements before authentication. In addition, the fusion engine improves usability as lower individual verification thresholds still result in greater security.

The multi-factor fusion engine features anti-spoof technology, using AI to distinguish between fake and actual fingers. The facial recognition feature in the platform also checks for eye blinking and head movement to prevent spoofing. While Synaptics is focusing on finger and facial recognition at the moment, Synaptics VP of marketing Anthony Gioeli says future iterations will include “additional biometric and security factors.”

Synaptics also recently introduced fingerprint sensors capable of scanning a fingerprint through glass, allowing for button-free display designs able to take advantage of fingerprint recognition functionality.

Apple is working on a similar technology for the iPhone 8, but while Synaptics is an Apple supplier, Apple likely has its own proprietary solution in the works.



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