This year Music subscribers of Apple will have the fun of Apple’s live fest

Music Festival of Apple which was previously known as the iTunes Music Festival,Now it is going to celebrate its 10th  anniversary in upcoming September . So, Apple is going to have the honour by the 10th anniversary’s live streaming.  And it is for the first time when Apple is going to provide with the live performances only to its subscribers.

So,if you are a fan of Elton John, Britney Spears, Alicia Keys, or Calvin Harris—and you have not subscribed to the Apple Music —you should definitely sign up for the free trial of three months right now .These artists are going to perform for the Apple Music Festival, And as you have known this,that Apple Music subscription is must to have fun from the live performances.

Elton John will begin the music festival on September 18, and Chance the Rapper will kick off it out on September 30. More from here, Apple has enlisted Robbie Williams, Bastille, Michael Bublé, and The 1975 to enhance the lineup. During last few years, all Apple Music Festival performances also featured opening acts, so keep in touch for the informations about this.

The Apple Music Festival will be live-streamed  in London. You also have the opportunity to apply for the lottery if you are nearby to win tickets and go to the shows in-person.

Why is  this so important : The purpose of iTunes Music Festival was  to eleborate the new music and drive  sales in the iTunes Store. Now, Apple is paying attentions on its year-old streaming service and going to make a big push on exclusive content to do something for subscriber by offering special reward to subscribers. So, You need not to be surprised  that the company is going to trademark its live music fest and turned it into another perk of having an Apple Music subscription.

May be some people will be aware of this, that Last year, Jay Z’s music festival which was held  in America was live-streamed on—And for that music festival subscription was not necessery-

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