How to Use Siri in macOS Sierra

With MacOS sierra, apple has finally added its well-known personal assistant, Siri, to the mac. Siri for mac differs from ios’ model of Siri in numerous methods, taking benefit of the bigger actual estate of a mac’s display and the finder record system. Users can also easily switch or pin Siri’s seek results to the notification center or documents they’re operating on. That will help you get began with Siri for mac, we’ve prepared a guide outlining what it’s able to.

Activating Siri


There are three ways to activate Siri in Sierra. Two of the methods are visually obvious while the third is not.

  • The Dock icon sitting in between the Finder and Launchpad logos.
  • The Menu Bar toggle in between the Spotlight search and Notification Center icons.
  • The keyboard command. Hold the Command and Space buttons for approximately two seconds.

Siri may be enabled  approaches. While you’re putting in MacOS sierra, there will be a prompt asking you whether or not you’d like to enable Siri. Moreover, Siri can be enabled and disabled inside the Siri phase of machine possibilities. There are several other options for Siri in machine options, which includes language, voice, voice remarks, mic enter and customized keyboard shortcuts.

What Siri for Mac Can Do


Siri for mac can do most of the identical matters Siri for ios can do. It can give you sports activities scores or let you know about the weather. Time table an event for your calendar, remind you what you need to get completed these days or find movie times. Here is a complete list of the matters that bring over to the mac.

  • Launching and searching for apps.
  • FaceTime and Messages
  • Sports scores, team schedules, league standings, and player and team information.
  • Photo search.
  • Maps and navigation.
  • Twitter and Facebook posting, plus Twitter search.
  • Movie information, showtimes, movie theater locations, movie reviews, and award trivia.
  • Apple Music, radio and music identification.
  • iTunes, iBooks, and Podcasts.
  • Reminders, calendar stocks, weather, contacts, clock, Find My Friends, email, and notes.
  • Web search and Q&A, like unit measurements, facts, and figures, and simple math.
  • Settings / System Preferences

Siri has two new abilities that are built specifically to take advantage of the Mac:

  • Finder
  • About this Mac

Siri’s Mac-Specific Abilities

Unlike Siri for ios, Siri for mac’s speak container only takes up a portion of the display screen. This allowed apple to construct Siri to be better utilized for multitasking. For example, Siri may be used to send a message to a friend at the same time as you’re writing an email or working on a report. It may additionally find restaurant reservations for you while you’re in the middle of a communique with a pal.

Due to the fact Siri is built for multitasking on a mac, a number of its results are greater interactive, permitting you to mix them with different apps. Those are some of the things you may do with Siri’s consequences in MacOS sierra.


  • Pin photo results or sports team schedules to the Notification Center by clicking the + icon.
  • Drag files from Siri’s Finder search to the desktop.
  • Drag and drop search results from photo searches into emails, messages, documents and the desktop.
  • Drag and drop map locations into emails, messages and documents.

Siri’s Settings category is referred to as System Preferences to better match macOS’ verbiage, but Siri can also do some things on a Mac that it can’t do on an iPhone. These are new settings abilities Siri has gained:

  • Putting your computer to sleep.
  • Changing your desktop wallpaper.
  • Changing your display settings.

Finally, there are a few unique hardware requests that Siri can fulfill. In addition to asking Siri to turn up your extent or flip off your Bluetooth, Siri can inform you approximately your mac.


  • How fast your Mac is.
  • How much memory your Mac has.
  • What your Mac’s serial number is.
  • How much free space your Mac’s hard drive has.
  • How much iCloud storage you have.
  • What version of macOS you’re running.

All of Siri’s mac skills may be used at any time. Siri will pause any audio or video you might were playing when you activated it. This consists of audio and video in your net browsers, like SoundCloud tracks or youtube movies.

Siri’s communicate field can even live to your display no matter where you are, whether or not on the laptop or in a complete-screen app. It’s going to additionally live in location as you navigate to distinct spaces. Siri may be deactivated by using clicking the small “x” within the pinnacle right corner of its communicate container.

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