How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: The Ultimate Guide

Snapchat has come an extended way. It morphed from an clean way to ship self-destructing messages to a valid social network of types. I sense like snapchat attempts each unmarried day to shed its previous photo of being a platform for sexting. And of course, snapchat of today is tons distinctive. It’s a laugh, useful and basically for every person.
But in case you’re over 19, you might have actual problems figuring out the app, and the identifying why to apply it. We listen you, this guide is that will help you out.

How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: How to get started

Snapchat can be confusing to get started with. The user interface isn’t doing anyone any favors.

So we break everything down for you. In this guide, you’ll learn how to use Snapchat, and more importantly, why you should give it a shot.

How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: How to view stories

Snapchat can be a blast even if you don’t post anything there, ever. We get you familiar with the Stories screen and show you how you can never run out of entertainment from this one screen.

How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: How to start posting snaps

Now that you’ve understood what Snapchat is all about, you might have an idea of what you want to post on there. We tell you about all the tools Snapchat offers to make this process fun for you.

How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: How to get those fun lens effects

Snapchat is nothing if not for the filters. The dog face filter singlehandedly defined 2016 for us (well, among other things). So if you’re curious how exactly the filters where, where and when they’re available, this guide is for you.

How to Use Snapchat on iPhone: How to chat

Chatting in Snapchat is the last thing you want to do.

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