The Week in Apple News

 Apple headlines for the week ending (August 26, 2016)


This week was full of Apple-related news,As many secrets broke this week,So here is the summary of the news.


Apple advises instant replace to ios 9.3.5 after a discovery of centered iPhone adware

To install the update for your iOS tool, release the settings app, then faucet popular > software program update. You can also replace within iTunes with your device connected in your mac.


Rumored iPhone 7 function could bring faucet-to-pay to Japan’s transit systems

It’s doubtful if apple is running to bring a comparable feature to existing NFC-compatible transit structures within the u.S., just like the bay vicinity rapid transit’s clipper card. In the U.K., iPhone customers can use apple pay for pay-as-you-go journeys on London’s transit device. A variety to japan might be a surefire sign that apple is moving to update not just your debit and credit cards, however, all of your playing cards.


Apple’s glimpse acquisition will help you get right of entry to and percentage your medical records.

Gliimpse changed into based in 2013 as a manner for human beings to acquire all their clinical facts from unique docs, hospitals, pharmacies, specialists, and labs. Your gliimpse report may be shared with new doctors to give them a extra comprehensive view of your health (and to know for sure the final time you have been vaccinated in opposition to tetanus).


Barbra Streisand says apple is updating Siri on September 30.

Apple might have informed Barbra that the update would be out by means of the end of September, or maybe the Siri Streisand restoration doesn’t move into impact with ios 10, but instead a 10.0.1 replace so one can come along later within the month.


The iBrain is here and it’s already inside your Phone.

[Apple vice chairman] Phil schiller. “our devices have become a lot smarter at a faster rate, mainly with our apple design a sequence chips. The back ends have become so much smarter, faster, and the whole thing we do unearths some cause to be linked. This enables more and more system getting to know strategies, due to the fact there’s a lot stuff to research, and it’s to be had to [US]


Only Apple’s Music subscribers will have the fun of Apple’s live music fest This year.

Elton john will kick off the tune competition on September 18, and danger the rapper will near it out on September 30. Further, apple has recruited Robbie Williams, bastille, Michael bublé, and 1975 to round out the lineup.


Tim Cook reaches five years As CEO of Apple and Unlocks over $100 Million  Bonuses.

Upon reaching the five-year mark, Cook…unlocked previously awarded stock bonuses currently worth over $100 million. The bonuses are tied to both his tenure and Apple’s performance under his leadership, including its total shareholder return relative to the S&P 500 index.


Apple introduces predominant retail changes,along with new seasoned-level positions and credo.

Apple is enforcing three new retail positions in the America and UK, and in all likelihood elsewhere, including  seasoned-degree positions and an all-new technical expert position to supplement the genius bar/grove.


Apple may upload snap chat-like video features to make ios greater social

It appears apple is difficult at work on including more social capabilities to destiny versions of ios and ios gadgets, that is in some methods an extension of its previous efforts. Apple integrated twitter and FB into ios in 2011 and 2012 respectively, for instance, allowing seamless sharing of content to the two popular social networks.


Apple licensed-iPod navigation patent invalidated by way of us regulatory organization.

A patent that innovative technology used within the beginning of the century towards the ipod forcing a $a hundred million payout through apple has been invalidated, saving the relaxation of the phone industry from expensive settlements and protracted prison battles.


Apple receives permission for enlargement at cork plant.

The organization, which has been based totally in cork since 1980 and currently employs more than 5,000 people in Ireland, is to assemble a new constructing on the holy hill web page. The information comes following a 25 in step with cent boom in the organisation’s personnel over the last 12 months.


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