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Xbox Series X might cost $600 without a controller according to one estimate



Xbox Series X with controller

You might be aware of the latest reports regarding unveil of Microsoft’s latest gaming console which is the Xbox Series X. While the gaming console does not go on sale until the holiday season of next year, Microsoft decided that it is the right time to get people excited about the next Xbox in its lineup. Also, this could be a clever way from Microsoft to convince people to buy this year’s Xbox One X at cheap rates in sales season since the next gaming console is expected to be priced much higher. However, the reveal of Xbox Series X could also mean that people who were buying the Xbox One X will wait for next year to get the latest one and use it for long term.

Talking about the Xbox Series X launch, Microsoft revealed how its gaming console is twice as powerful as the Xbox One X. However, it did not mention anything regarding the price of this console which will remain a mystery until leaks start to come out. Now, a new report has emerged where IGN which is a gaming publication tries to estimate how much the Xbox Series X might cost. According to them, a decent gaming PC with the memory, processor and SSD same as Xbox Series X might cost somewhere around the $450 to $500 mark.

Having said that, Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is not expected to be as powerful as a gaming PC. Despite that, IGN expects Microsoft to launch the Xbox Series X around the $600 mark. Note that IGN does not count the cost of Xbox controller in this price and they expect Microsoft to sell it separately as has been the trend lately. So it looks like the next generation of gaming consoles from both Sony and Microsoft will cost you much more than PS4 series or Xbox One series.

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