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Xe HP GPU EU 4-tile 500W EU Count is 512; says the Leaks



Previously the leaks have shown that Xe HP GPU presenting 4-tile 500W GPU and it was assumed that it’s 512 EU which is around 4096 crores; is completely the incorrect information. It was only a leak not a sourced and well confirmed piece of information an individual should rely upon. Previously they were mentioning Xe LP which is different from Xe HP.

As Xe LP is designed as the one with the internal lower performance with lower power stage which is around Xe 12.1 while Xe HP is designed to be the high performance and high power performance which is around Xe 12.5. Now comparing both, it will be clear that Xe LP and Xe HP are two different things, designed differently to be used differently. Therefore, 512 is the actual count of EU as in per tile for Xe HP is the right thing to be considered and believed in.

So if Xe HP count is 512 EU per tile then surely 1 tile, 2 tile and 4 tile’s count would be 512 EUs, 1024 EUs and 2048 EUs respectively. Remarkably if we look at the total counts of the EU-to-core ratio which is 16,384 cores along with 1200MHz, this beast will display 39.3 TFLOPs in result. This shows that this beast will going to fabricate 500Ws only.

Kindly analyze the real counts EU counts of Intel’s MCM based showing TFLOPs and calculated cores;

  • “Intel Xe HP (12.5) 1-Tile GPU: 512 EU [Est: 4096 Cores, 12.2 TFLOPs assuming 1.5GHz, 150W]
  • Intel Xe HP (12.5) 2-Tile GPU: 1024 EUs [Est: 8192 Cores, 20.48 assuming 1.25 GHz, TFLOPs, 300W]
  • Intel Xe HP (12.5) 4-Tile GPU: 2048 EUs [Est: 16,384 Cores, 36 TFLOPs assuming 1.1 GHz, 400W/500W]”


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